Featured Travel Gear for Women

Here we will be reviewing and recommending travel electronic gadgets and miscellaneous speciality travel items.

Let's start with the Indispensable Travel Gadget #1: The
Smartphone. Here there's little disagreement (see Consumers Reports and Money magazine): Your choices are either the Apple iPhone or one of the Google Android-based phones, such as the best-selling, Samsung Galaxy S III (photo right).
Apple iPhone5Think of it this way: these areSamsung Galaxy S3 miniature computers with touch-screen keypads that also just happen to have built-in cameras. Oh, and they also function as mobile phones.

Money magazine rates them about equal, but gives the iPhone (our favorite) a slight edge for having sharper graphics.and a bigger Apps library. Both have a second, front facing, camera for video calls. The Galaxy screen is a bit larger though, at 4.8 inches diagonally, compared to 4.0 for the iPhone5

What you are going to do with your new Smartphone?

1. Take Travel Photos and H-Def (1080p) Video
2. Make/ Change Travel Reservations
3. Phone/ Video Conference Anyone in the World via Skype
4. Listen to SIRIUS Radio Anywhere in the World (with WIFI)
5. Listen to Your MP3 Playlist
6. Listen to an Audio Book
7. Watch a Movie
8. Learn a New Language

Apple now has more than 750,000 Apps (mobile applications). Google Android has over 500,000, and is catching up to Apple. Thousands of these Apps are Travel related. Check out our Travel Apps web page for some Travel-specific smartphone applications.