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We’ve broken down travel into specific categories so you can focus in on what most tickles your fancy. We regularly update travel recommendations in each category. Pick and chose from our menus, or use the info to configure your own unique getaways.

Let’s talk about what each of these categories mean.

Adventure travel is the kind of tourism that leads you to the great outdoors. Think mountain-biking, camping, rafting, snorkeling and rock climbing. This type of travel is usually associated with budget travel, but if you’re going trekking in Kathmandu, the trip could get pretty expensive.

By the way, you may be surprised to learn that Las Vegas is rated one of the Nation’s top outdoor recreation centers. One reason is the Red Rock Canyon National Conservation Area, less than an hour from the Strip. It has over 2,000 marked rock climbing routes, making it one of the top 5 climbing destinations in the US. View Our Adventure Travel Deals

All-Inclusive Resorts generally include your meals and beverages (sometimes including alcohol) in with the daily rate of your room. As such, they're excellent travel deals. Also often included are recreational activities such as sailing, kayaking and tennis. These are usually ocean-front resorts located in sunny climes. Big corporations such as Club Med and Sandals dominate this segment. View Our All-Inclusive Resorts Travel Deals

Beach Vacations are generally associated with warm climate, ocean-front

resorts. Vacation packages often include air travel. The beach concept has been redefined in Las Vegas in the form of beach clubs—the ingenious counterpart to the city’s endless nightclubs. Vegas beach clubs feature enormous, swimming pools with sandy beaches, underwater music, private cabanas, and, of course, in-the-water bars. Check out Steve Wynn’s new $35 million pool at the Encore. View Our Beach Vacation Travel Deals

Culinary Themed Vacations. How about a trip to Northern Italy to study at the Italian Culinary Academy? Sound like a fun getaway? The Academy “offers unique courses designed to immerse you in the art and secrets of Italian cuisine.” Or who could pass up a two-week culinary vacation in Paris, hosted by the “International Kitchen?” View Our Culinary Themed Vacation Travel Deals

Cruising is the fastest growing segment of the travel industry. Modern cruise ships are floating resorts, featuring incredible dining, health clubs, spas, shopping, night clubs, casinos and theatres with Vegas-style performances. The newly launched, Royal Caribbean Oasis of the Seas, is currently the world’s largest cruise ship. It can carry 6,000 passengers and includes 7 themed “neighborhoods,” including a tree-lined “Central Park.” View Our Cruising Travel Deals

Cultural Tourism is for those interested in learning the cultures of other nations and exploring the cultural centers – cathedrals, museums, theatres and art galleries of those peoples. Ever toured the Musée du Louvre? Cultural travel can also include visits to remote areas where one can learn the arts of indigenous peoples. I once learned the fine points of tortilla making in a remote village near Los Mochis, Mexico. View Our Cultural Tourism Travel Deals

Ecotourism is another rapidly growing segment of the tourism industry. Ecological resorts are often totally self-sufficient, utilizing solar and wind power for electricity, and all-natural building materials and furnishings. Mexico, Belize and Costa Rica are three countries that have set aside habitats for ecotourism. View Our Ecotourism Travel Deals

Educational Tourism is for those who think learning is a lifetime experience. This type of tourism involves traveling to different countries and enrolling in some study program. It may be art or language, or cuisine. But the emphasis is on experiencing the culture of the host country. Elderhostel is the leading company sponsoring this type of trip through their “Road Scholar” travel guide catalog. View Our Educational Tourism Travel Deals

Experiential Travel is to travel as extreme sports is to sports. Cultural immersion is paramount. The main proponent of this type of travel is AFAR magazine. Here’s their definition: “Travel is changing. The world has grown smaller, more accessible, yet homogenized and less exotic. Today's travelers want to get beyond the superficial, the mass-produced, the mass-consumed, and the mass-experienced. They look for the authentic in people, places, and things. Introducing AFAR Media: for a different kind of travel.” View Our Experiential Travel Deals

Luxury Travel. If epicurean cuisine and first-rate pampering are your thing, then Luxury travel is for you. Luxury resorts are Michelin 2 or 3-star properties such as Starwood’s “W” resorts, Hilton’s “Conrad” properties and several of the Las Vegas Strip hotels. View Our Luxury Travel Deals

Religious Tourism has always been a popular form of travel. North American group tours to the “Holy Land” account for billions of dollars of travel sales each year. View Our Religious Tourism Travel Deals

Road Trip “Get your kicks on Route 66.” The road trip is a great American

tradition, featured in music, literature and film. Think Thelma and Louise (without the trauma). View Our Road Trip Travel Deals

Shopping Trips – another great American tradition. Would a shopping tour of San Miguel de Allende, Mexico interest you? View Our Shopping Trips Travel Deals

Ski Trips don’t have to include skiing. Maybe you’d rather try snowboarding or tobogganing. Or you can just sit by the fire with a hot chocolate in hand. Who says you can’t? High-end ski resorts may provide some of the same grooming facilities as Spas. View Our Ski Trips Travel Deals

Solo Travel. Sometimes you just have to getaway alone to clear your head. We'll include tips and travel recommendations for the solo traveler. A single friend of mine makes it a point to take a trip alone on significant birthdays. She says it refreshes her spirit. View Our Solo Travel Deals

Spa Getaways. Historically, spas were developed near naturally-occurring hot springs. Nowadays, we don’t rely so much on hot springs, but we can find spa resorts all over the world. Entire travel guides are devoted to spas. Modern spas often feature health and nutrition services in addition to the usual pampering services. View Our Spa Getaways Travel Deals

Urban Tours are often weekend getaways to American's favorite cities. Like Chicago, New York, San Francisco, New Orleans and South Beach, Miami. View Our Urban Tours Travel Deals

Volunteer Vacations are rising in popularity. These make for very cost-effective travel deals, because room and board are usually free. Wouldn’t you enjoy several weeks of assisting archeologist digging for treasures in Belize? Or maybe building a house in New Orleans with Habitat for Humanity? View Our Volunteer Vacations Travel Deals

Weekend Getaways are a good way to recharge your spirit. Two or three day tours to places you’ve never been or to do things you’ve never tried can do wonders for the soul. View Our Weekend Getaways Travel Deals

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