Look Out the Windows of Your Hotel Room Before Booking It

The Room 77 App has a typical search box for city, country. or specific hotel by name. Included are extensive photos of typical rooms and a detailed review of the hotel (called, "Our Take on the ___ Hotel"), including amenities and, if relevant, a history of the building. Trip Advisor ratings are also included, as is a section map of the hotel's surrounding area. Nearby hotels, with room rates indicated, are listed on the map for comparison's sake. The mobile Apps permit you to do some comparison shopping and to book a room, when you're ready.

If no outdoor window views are available for your hotel of interest, the site at least makes recommendations on which floors have the best views, as well as which rooms are the quietest.

The coolest feature, though, is where the site has actual views from hotel room windows. Check out the Blackstone Renaissance Chicago Hotel. I counted window views from 29 different rooms just on floors 18 to 23!

The web site is https://www.room77.com. Free Mobile Apps are available for both Apple and Android devices.

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