Girlfriend Getaways
You Go Girl! And I'll Go, Too

by Pam Grout

This is a breezy, light-hearted travel guide for girlfriend getaways. The book is 187 pages long and can be read in its entirety on one lazy Sunday afternoon (as I did).

Ms. Grout emphasizes the healing quality of girlfriend getaways. She argues that women, unlike men, need weekly girl’s-nights-out and periodic girlfriend trips to cope with the stresses of everyday life. She recommends eight different types of getaways. These are:

Home-Front Getaways are where friends simply get together on a weekly or monthly basis. The excuse for meeting may be a book club, a bowling night, or a bridge club. The “excuse’ for the get-together is irrelevant. The real purpose is just to spend time with friends and discuss what’s happening in each other’s lives.

Spa Getaways, can be in your home town or maybe a weekend getaway to a resort. The author lists some of her favorite locations with web site references.

Sports Getaways, are recommendations for places to go to learn new adventurous activities. Never learned how to ski? There’s a recommendation on where to go to learn. Not a tennis player? You should try it. Here’s a recommended school. Oh, and you’ve never tried surfing? Oh my. Here’s a place for that. And most of these places cater especially to women.

Road Trips - Thelma and Louise (hopefully) minus the carnage. Short trips to renew the soul.

Celebration Getaways - explores creative ways to celebrate those special occasions.

Other topics are Spiritual Getaways, Luxury Getaways, and, of course, Shopping Getaways.

Interspersed among the different travel topics are “True-Life-Tales,” where the author or one of her friends relates an experience they had on one of their getaways. Topics range from, “Revenge” (getting even with a bad-actor boy friend), “Sisters Reunite” (settling old differences with your sibling), “Fifty Years and Counting” (celebrating those scary decade birthdays) and “Underwear Tag” (I’m not going to attempt to explain this one).

So, all in all, this is a fun read with some good travel tips along the way. As Pam Grout would say, “You Go, Girl!”

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