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Why Girlfriends Getaways are important

The words in the Blue Mountain greeting card titled, "Girlfriends Live in Each Other's Heart," nicely sum up the special relationship women have with each other. You know, it's the type of relationship where you can pick up the phone to share an experience or to ask for help in resolving a problem. Even if you haven't spoken for a while, you know that your girlfriend will understand.

The greeting card author, country singer-songwriter Donna Fargo, penned these words: "Girlfriends walk through life together, whether they live close or far apart. They know that the other one is there... to share the highs and lows and everything else. Each of them knows the other will understand, no matter what. No one can take the place of a girlfriend, just like no one can take your place in my life."

How are girlfriends getaways different?

Well, apart from the obvious, women often have different interests than men — different places we like to go, and different things we like to do. And we have different concerns when it comes to health and safety. And foods--we're more adventurous when it comes to cuisine. And budgets. Women have a "killer instinct" when it comes to finding a bargain, whatever the price range. So Savvy Girlfriends Getaways (SGG for short) is written by women, for women, to address our issues.

Your time is valuable

That’s why we're dedicated to doing the research for you. We scour a dozen travel magazines each month, so you don’t have to. We read three newspapers daily (plus the Sunday New York Times) and we scan eight travel web sites, so we can bring you the best travel offers for each type of travel, and up-to-date travel tips and advice. How much do you dread packing for a trip? It's a real joy, isn't it? Well, we have some tips to make this chore a bit easier. And we’ll keep you informed of the latest travel gear – electronics, gadgets and clothing. We’ll also be reporting on travel health and safety issues and State Department travel advisories.

We provide you the tools to plan perfect girlfriends getaways

We cater to all ages and all levels of experience – from the people who have never traveled with friends, to the experienced, frequent travelers.

You’ll find something for every woman traveler right here on these pages. You may be one of those people who relish planning your trip all by yourself. If so, that's fine. We're here as a resource. Feel free to pick our brains at any point in your research.

But, if you’re a bit nervous about the planning process, let us take the worry out of the trip planning equation. We are certified, independent travel agents with Prestige Travel Systems (see "About Prestige Travel"). We can tailor the level of service you desire from simple recommendations, to full-service planning and booking for every budget.

And when you return from your travels…

We encourage you to send us a story and some photos of your own girls getaway. You'll find them in the "Your Girlfriends Getaway Stories." Hopefully your experiences will inspire, intrigue and motivate others to launch out on their own. We also have a place for you to share travel tips and advice. Feedback from like-minded travelers is often filled with the best advice for someone planning their own trip.

For those in-between times…

When you’re not traveling or planning your next girlfriend getaway, maybe you like to curl up by the fireplace at home with a good book. We hope so, because we regularly do reviews of books that deal with women's travel and personal issues. Some are novels; others are true stories of women like you—recounting travel adventures or personal experiences.

What’s on your travel “bucket list?”

Have you secretly dreamed of taking time off for an extended girlfriend getaway around the world? Then this is the web site for you. For inspiration, see my book review of The Lost Girls.

Are you on the adventurous side? Have you been wanting to explore archeological sites: such as Mayan ruins in Mexico; i.e. Tulum, Chichzen Itza. (There's a photo of me a Tulum in the "Insurance" section -- okay, it was taken a "while ago," when my hair was mysteriously brown).

Has your Boston buddy been bugging you to take a road trip to the West Coast? (I took an amazing road trip "solo" from Jacksonville, Florida west to southern California along Route One to northern California.) There's no better way to see the highlights of U.S.A.

Thinking about visiting Miami’s South Beach with college or graduate school friends? This is a fun long weekend getaway especially if you live where winters are brutal.

Is a trip to the Holy Land on your wish list -- maybe with girlfriends from religious school, friends who share an interest in Israel. (I spent one of the most fascinating weeks of my life working and playing on kibbutz Mishmar Hasharon in Netanya, just outside of Tel Aviv.)

Facebook Nation

Now with the age of Facebook Nation (over one billion citizens world-wide) and the other multitudes of social networking sites, maybe it’s time you looked up that “old” high school best girlfriend you lost touch with, and reconnect. What better way than by planning a trip together?

Start Planning

Ready to begin planning that girlfriend getaway? Click the buttons on the left to get going. And remember, if you have any specific questions or need help with any topic, just click on the Contact Us button. Happy Trails!

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